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The science behind Cashew apple powder

Delivery of natural Vitamins like Vitamin C, minerals like Calcium, Zinc, Phosphorous and other nutrients such as amino acids and fibers can be added to regular diet to boost its nutritional value and to address nutritional gaps & deficiency.

  • Fortification

    Fortification is the process of adding nutrients or non-nutrient bioactive components to health products (e.g., food, food constituents, or supplements). Our products can help fortification to correct and prevent widespread nutrient intake shortfalls and associated deficiencies, to balance the total nutrient profile of a diet, to restore nutrients lost in processing, or to appeal to consumers looking to supplement their diet.

  • Importance of food fortification

    As explained above, the fortification is crucial to eliminate deficiency diseases which are causes of low dietary intake rather than a diagnosable condition. We must delligent in our approach to achieve effective and responsible fortification by using correct nutrients.

  • Bioavailability

    Our products has the ability to be absorbed and used by the body. Our products taken can be absorbed and used by the body. Our product is safe and bioavailable to all ages.

Myth Buster

  • Belief

    Synthetic source of Calcium and Vitamins have high content and are the better and easy option over natural source.

  • Reality

    The bioavailability of natural source of Calcium and Vitamins is 50% as compared to synthetic source which has only 20% to 30% bioavailability.