About Us

Welcome To Amritattava Nutrition Pvt Ltd

An indigenous nutrition…….

Smack-dab nutriments including Micro and macro nutrients, are critical components of a well-balanced diet. Poor nutrition has been shown to have a negative influence on physical, social, financial, and psychological well-being, and family life over time.

Amritattava Nutrition Private Limited has instituted solutions that has been intended to help India's nutrition, naturally. Our product, which is designed to boost bone health & immunity, blends well with the majority of Indian meals, contains micronutrients that are needed for a balanced diet and requires no cooking.

These nutrients help maintain bone health and strength over time. Our product is a good option to incorporate into your diet in already-loved meals and delicious recipes.

We aim at delivering maximum benefits from a natural, local, nutritionally dense, indigenous fruit based product.

Our Mission

Executing the concept of home fortification into the staple diet by natural means to each and every corner of India at a pocket-friendly price.

Our Vision

Amritattava Nutrition Private Limited exists to improve health quotient and spread awareness about the importance of sound mind in a sound body by providing absolute natural nutrients.

Amritattava Nutrition Private Limited will nurture Indians' health state, will reduce post-harvest loss and improve food security as well as will have social impact by forming alliance with Indian cashew cultivating farmers